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IEC is a pioneer in bringing about an eagerly awaited solution to Saudi Arabia’s increasing demand of long term critical medical care and daily life activity support either over an extended period of time or for life.

This initiative was conceived by our then CEO Mr. Ihab Elsamannoudi in the year 2008 when he sensed the lack of a proper long term care system in the kingdom. His vast travelling and exposure to the long term care facilities of the west encouraged him to start one of his own in the kingdom. Dr. Ihab, now the Managing Director, being the son of a doctor had the prerogative of moving in the right direction. He put forth a team of highly experienced and motivated individuals that set out with the responsibility of converting his vision into a sustainable venture, an entity that would be a solution to society’s complex healthcare need.

IEC started operating in 2012 by collaborating with International Medical Centre, a well known tertiary hospital of Jeddah, to provide it with healthcare expertise. By the start of 2014, IEC was ready to function independently with 100 beds and go on to provide a broader range of services.

Being a model for other institutions that are entering long term care services, IEC looks forward to shape the future of long term acute care services in the Kingdom.